Opal For Mayor

At the age of 13, Opal Covey first heard the voice of God. Her unconditional faith led her down a path of prophetic ministry, a path that brought her to Toledo, Ohio. After having her businesses destroyed and being thrown out on the street, Opal heard the voice of God again – “You’re going to be Mayor”. This short documentary takes a sincere look at a woman on a mission from God, persecuted and forsaken, yet unfettered as she makes her third bid for the mayoral seat.

Opal For Mayor was independently produced and is not affiliated with Opal Covey for Toledo Mayor; however, here is the official flyer: Toledo Is Sitting On A Goldmine


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6 Responses to “Opal For Mayor”

  1. Shannon L. Kincer Says:

    Where do you stand on Pro Life and Birth Control? Please email your response back to me. If you can not then I can not even consider you has a possibility for Mayor.

    Yes, I vote mainly on the stand of this issue. If there is no life then there is no need for a Mayor. The very best candidate for President may have been aborted.

  2. scott cook Says:

    Opal honey, did you forget your meds again today?

  3. She is of satan Says:

    What crap, it wasn’t The Creator God she was referring to, she, like many elite jesuit-jews of the NWO, call satan, god! That is why she speaks in tongues, it is known as chanting in the bible and it is also made clear that those who worship satan who was once a god and is no more after failing his Creator, who then wiped him of any of the powers that were bestowed upon him by the CREATOR GOD, speak in tongues…FACT from my Creator whore (biblical cussing is not profane, but what this whore does is)!

    To think this twit, thinks we are all stupid and don’t know who she is really referring to!! But to even imply that “god” (because most haven’t a clue about the truth in the bible, where even The Creator God states “there were many gods, whom He created and bestowed powers and then took them away because they FELL”), would harm others so she can have a seat is as unholy as she looks! Hey opal, I wold say go to hell, but we think you are already there!!

    Now go crawl back in the hole you crawled out of and wait for the wrath of the ONE AND ONLY CREATOR GOD who kicked your cowardly, weak, vile, foul, jealous child out of heaven!!

  4. David Dutton Says:

    She’s a liar and full of garbage… She didn’t win the election and God is not going to destroy the city…this is a case of Zealot Christian trying to spread fear mongering among people. Notice I said zealot because I do not include all Christians in the same class as this crazy woman

    When any Christian talks about God destroying the city or the United States for the way the country is doing things, I labeled them zealot because God won’t do that…The past 30+ years people have been claiming God will destroy America if this or that happens… And this or that has happened and we have not been destroyed… God promised a long time ago he would not races and against humans or the planet until the rapture and the times of trials and tribulations… So until then no distruction from God

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